Success in the real estate industry requires a combination of experience and innovation.

Together, our principals have over 50 years of professional experience. More importantly, we have worked together as a team for 7 years with a shared vision for what it takes to be a success. During this time, we have developed over four million square feet of commercial, residential and mixed-use properties with a value in excess of $500 million.

But experience alone isn't enough. To the contrary, we believe that you must continually strive to add value to the development process - both internally and externally. Internally, we have focused our efforts on systems and procedures that enhance, rather than hinder, the business of our development teams. These systems allow us to do more with less - and have been a key element for our business and financial successes to date. Externally, we focus on opportunities where our relationships, knowledge of market, and specialized skills will give us an advantage.

We were leaders in identifying the "goods movement" distribution concept where industrial development is aggregated around freight gateways (we call these projects Integrated Logistics Centers). This is still a core element of our business today. More recently, we identified the development of brownfield sites (non-toxic contaminated sites) as a growing trend. The development of brownfield sites offers many benefits to society, but more importantly, they make good real estate sense. Many of these sites fit the demands of today's consumer - both commercial and residential. All they need is a little work and creativity.

Both of these concepts involve the fulfillment of the market's need in an innovative manner. By combining our knowledge of real estate, with an awareness of the desires of the marketplace, together with old fashioned effort and ingenuity, we can create value added opportunities that benefit users and society, as well as our investors and ourselves.